Weak Wednesday #3!!

Welcome to the third official week of #WeakWednesday!

Are you getting excited for this book??

Well….So am I!

This week!

I have some awesome fan teasers, a goodreads link, a cover reveal sign up form andddd a new teaser!

So get ready to get weaaak!

* * *

Goodreads Link:


Don’t forget to add to your TBR!

* * *

Cover Reveal Sign-Up!

If you have a blog I would LOVE for you to be a part of my cover reveal!! It would mean so much, especially since this cover is my favorite yet!

Fill out this form:

Cover Reveal

Click ^^ and it will take you to the form!

* * *


I have theee BEST fans! No lie!

10302037_801421719877632_6553018595315777534_n 10340013_10202288694566626_3468507157798728653_n 10430377_10203119655245109_4576617015432388184_n

* * *

Now is the time for……


MMW 3 Teaser

As if reading my mind he bent down, wrapped his fingers under my knees and lifted me. My legs wrapped around his waist while my fingers tangled themselves in his soft dark strands of hair. I kept our mouths together, sucking his tongue deep into my mouth. His teeth bit down onto my lip the taste of blood dripped against my taste buds, but we didn’t stop. He took a firm grip of my hips and pulled away breathless.

We panted together, our eyes flickering through a myriad of emotions as we held our gaze.

“Are you fucking my nephew?” He finally asked. The usual deep British accent became a rough heated growl that send a chill down my spine.

The throb between my thighs became more persistent as I wanted nothing more than for him to dull that ache. I didn’t even care how. Just as long as he was the one delivering the magical bliss.

“Answer me.” He demanded.”

* * *

Stay TUNED! 

Next THURSDAY the 26th is the official cover reveal!!


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