Enslaved by the Ocean

Enslaved by the Ocean

by Bella Jewel

Enslaved by the Ocean




A connection will bring them together. A connection will pull them apart.

Indigo has a troubled past, and there’s no denying it. Tired of feeling terrified all the time, she decides to escape her demons and start her life over again in a different country. Together her and her best-friend, Eric, hire a yacht to take them away from it all. It’s time for Indi to feel some freedom of her own.

Until the yacht catches fire.

Stranded in the ocean, cold, hungry, desperate and alone, Eric and Indi struggle to survive. Then they show up. She’d heard of them, but never thought them to be true. Now here they are, frightened, and in even more trouble than they could have ever imagined.

They’ve been captured.

Hendrix is the captain, and the moment Indi lays eyes on him, a spark forms. Desperate for escape, she plays on that spark. Hendrix is hard to crack, he’s determined, powerful and he refuses to let her in. If she can’t get in, then she will face the reality that she might not make it out of this alive.

Can two worlds so different, collide to make something beautiful?




*This is a modern day romance*

First of all… I was soooo excited to read this book! From the moment I saw the cover I wanted it!
That cover is beautiful, sexy and so different from others I’ve seen. Plus, I have to admit, Pirates are my weakness.
I also have to say the blurb seemed pretty good.. I wasn’t completely drawn in from just reading it but I wasn’t going to let
that stop me from reading this one.
But let’s back up. This story is told in a single point of view following Indigo (Indi) a girl who has experienced a lot of
devastation in her lifetime. Her mother had a drug problem and her father left her one night and never came back.
Living in foster care she met Kane, and soon learned that their relationship was not healthy.
The novel starts with Indi fighting him off and shooting him.. leading to his stay in prison.
Time passes and that’s where our story really begins when Kane is out and Indi wants to move and start a new life.

Right away, I was pulled in. And I mean, I really couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know when I was going to meet the
pirates and how! The story moved along at a fairly quick speed but in the beginning it did not feel rushed. I will admit though
the writing felt just a little… amateur.

“It is quite large inside. It has a basic living area, with a lounge and a small television. There is a little kitchen and a basic bathroom and toilet. At the end there are two rooms: one for me, and one for Eric. John [Yacht owner] sleeps on deck in his little navigation office. Each room has a double bed, and both look very luxurious.”

I just felt the writing style told me what was going on but I just couldn’t feel or see it. However, it didn’t stop me as I read on. And soon I was rewarding with the introduction of the sooo sexy pirate Hendrix.





Sigh… Hendrix is rough, tough and oh so alpha. In the beginning he was a total dick but I couldn’t help but be drawn to him
the same way Indi was. Of course when he reveals that he plans to sell Indi to this other badass pirate, Chopper, I found
myself questioning my love for Hendrix.

As time goes on though, I fell for him again. He was confusing but at the same time–I could understand him.
Honestly though, I wasn’t a fan of Indi. Her friend is locked away, and she spends a majority of her time lusting after Hendrix
and drinking with the crew. And it bugged me that they came up with a plan to keep her friend safe but she still kept
saying she was trying to find a way to escape–to save her friend.
Maybe its just me but if I create a deal–I’d stick to it. This is not her show and in a moment she could piss off the wrong
person and end up going down to Davy Jones’ locker!
Anyway, so that really bugged me.

My biggest complaint about this book was just… tooo much. Author Bella Jewel did an amazing job coming up with a
different concept with the pirate theme. There were redeemable characters, moments that made me swoon, laugh and the
sexy scenes were very sexy. I loved them. It was hot… Like Really hot.


I just felt like this book was kind of all over the place. There were so many big planned “Ah Ha” moments but as I read it…
I knew it was coming. So it was like… “gasp, sigh, turn page…moving on.” I don’t know. Maybe it was just me but
I thought there were two many plot points.

This book does have  a littttle bit of cliffhanger to lead into the spin-off book. Which, of course I’m going to read! BUT!
I would love to see more of Hendrix and Indi. I just felt like there was more that could be told about them
and I also wish that their love wasn’t so instant. I wanted to see them grow to love and become so attached that Indi couldn’t
see a different future than with him.

I think the biggest downfall was just *my* expectations for the book. I wanted so much to come out and I just… Didn’t get
everything I was craving. I mean I wanted Pirate fights in the moonlight, a passionate kiss on deck in the middle of it, a passionate, almost damsel in distress thing… But it just wasn’t there.

I am not giving up on Bella’s work and I will definitely continue on with the next book in the, “Criminals of the Sea” series.

And I DID enjoy this book, a lot. There was just more I thought could have been done in some areas and less in others.
So, because of that this is why I’m giving this steamy, pirate-filled novel….

4 Hearts! 

4 Stars




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