For You Series


The “For You” Series are my first two published novels and for that reason especially they have such a special place in my heart.  Fool For You and Fighting For You are romantic novels that introduce the stubborn yet scarred Danielle Hamilton and the sexy, passionate bartender, Corey Preston.  When a simple distraction flips their lives upside down, things will never be the same.

Join Corey and Dani on their journey through friendship, family trauma, falling in love and even…saying goodbye.

“Sometimes fate has its own idea…but what will that mean for Corey and Dani?”

Seven years ago Danielle Hamilton left her home in Serenity Cove leaving behind a drug addicted mother, work-obsessed Grandmother and the first boy she has ever loved. Danielle promised herself she would never return, but now—she has no choice. The family Inn her Grandparents put their lives into is going under and Danielle is the last hope they have to save it.

When she temporarily returns to her home town, she’s even less prepared than expected to run into her first love, Oliver Garrison. After their encounter leaves her on edge she decides what is really needed is a distraction. What she doesn’t expect is the way she feels when she meets Corey Preston with the bad boy edge, a gentle heart and smoking body.

Oliver is everything she thought she ever wanted while Corey is everything she never thought she needed.

But Dani promised herself when she left Serenity at 18 that never again, would this be her home. However, her heart didn’t get the memo and for the first time in her life, she feels at home.

Will her demons from the past let her have the love she deserves?

Or will she return to her life in New York—once again leaving her heart behind in the one place she fears to be?

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**Mature Audiences (18 Plus) Only!! Contains sexual content, profanity and talk of drugs.**

When love became too much for Danielle Hamilton, she did what she does best—she ran. Now, three months later Dani realized the mistake she made. A lot can change though in a short amount of time and now there’s an unavoidable factor in her life that will change everything. Will Dani be able to save the only good she’s ever known? Can she fight for the love she wants—or is it just too little too late?

Corey has spent the last several months missing the only woman he’s ever wanted, but things aren’t about to get any easier. When demons from Corey’s past rise to the surface, he is put in the middle of something he thought was laid to rest. When drugs, money and an ex that wants to stir up trouble—returns to the picture—

Corey will be left fighting for his life. Will he be able to protect the only person he loves from a dangerous world she knows nothing about? Or will his past claim his life and inevitably…His heart.

Sometimes fate has its own ideas but will that be the end for Corey and Dani? Or will their fight for love prevail?

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Will Corey and Dani have more books?

Yes! Although “Fighting For You” comes to a concluded ending, I am not done with them yet! Corey and Dani still have more story to tell and I love them too much to let go! Watch for a novella and a third book coming in 2014! 

Will any of the characters get their own spin-off books?

Yes!! So far there are a couple planned. Alex and Gabby will be getting a book and they will be the next characters from this series that do! Abby Preston (the eldest Preston sibling) is also planned to have one! Others have potential but I need to feel it in order to write! Just stay tuned for more 😉


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